Black Coat

Amy Havins wears a black ralph lauren coat.

coat c/o // boots (currently 50% off) // sunnies // bag (old but this one is similar)

Dallas has been SO cold lately. I know those of you who really live somewhere that is cold are thinking I am being dramatic but for Dallas 30’s-low 40’s really is cold.

Since the temperatures have been a bit cooler lately, I have been able to wear more of my coats, like this black coat from Polo Ralph Lauren....



currently obsessed


The Gift of Giving

Amy havins wears ralph Lauren.

on amy: jeans c/o // cream sweater c/o // boots c/o // black sweater c/o // on ralph: pullover c/o // shoes c/o // polar bear sweater c/o // jeans c/o // on wade: tee shirt c/o // sweater c/o // jeans c/o

When it comes to shopping for holiday gifts, everyone has someone that is at the top of their list....