How Wade and I Met

Amy and Wade Havins

Last week I wrote a more personal blog post mentioning some things that you may not know about me. I will admit that I was a bit nervous to publish something that was more ‘journal’ like but after the amazingly positive response that I got to the post I thought I would continue this ‘coffee like’ talk. I got a handful of comments and e-mails from readers (love this btw) and one reader (hi Maggie) commented that I should post about how Wade and I met.

It’s funny how you get wrapped up in your own little world and you just assume people know things about you but in reality they don’t.


Winter Layers

sweater c/o // skirt c/o // vest (sold out, similar here) c/o // shoes c/o // clutch c/o

Weather wise, this has been one of the weirdest winters ever. One day it is 75 degrees, the next it is 20 degrees and snowing, then the following day it’s in the 40’s and then back into the 70’s again....


The Best Dry Shampoo, Ever.

Amy Havins talks about her favorite dry shampoo for blondes, brunettes and redheads.

My schedule is so different everyday and as gross as this sounds sometimes I don’t have time to wash my hair. I’ll pop into a yoga class and then 30 minutes later have to be at a meeting. We all know that if you are going to wash your hair and get ready, it takes much longer than 30 minutes so often I cut out washing my hair to save time. Yes, like I said, I know it’s gross but thanks to hair products like Stranded, quick beauty turnarounds are now possible.

In the past for quick hair fixes or greasy hair