Dresses You Need This Summer (That are all on sale!)

Amy Havins shares her favorite summer dresses from the net a porter sale.


My Favorite Blue & White Dress

Amy Havins wears a blue and white striped caroline constas dress.

I am pretty sure that just about every single girl has a favorite dress in her closet. I mean, how could you not? There are some dresses that fit perfectly and just make you feel really great. For me, this blue and white striped dress is my favorite dress in my closet right now.


My Baby Shower!

Amy Havins shares photos of her baby shower.

In just 8 weeks or less Wade and I are going to be welcoming our sweet baby boy Ralph into the world. While we have spent months chatting about what we think he will be like, what his eye color might be or who he will look like; as his due date is rapidly approaching, it’s all starting to feel more and more real (if that even makes sense). Not that us having a baby