Happy Weekend

Amy Havins shares her weekend plans and the best sales on the internet.

Happy weekend! Oh my goodness gracious I am so excited that this weekend is finally here. If you follow me on Instagram or SnapChat, you know that yesterday we arrived in Miami. Today, some of our sweet friends arrive for a fun weekend celebrating myself and my husbands 30th birthdays. Wades birthday was July 29th and mine is August 31st (next Wednesday, yikes!), so we thought it would be fun to go with some friends to one of our favorite spots to celebrate.

We have lots on the agenda this weekend. Dinners,


What to Wear to Work

Amy Havins shares what to wear to work.

“What to Wear to Work” is a phrase that I get asked quite a bit. I am going to go ahead and apologize in advance for not posting work wardrobe inspiration sooner. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s just that since it doesn’t always apply to my ‘daily life’ I have kept pushing it off. Yes, I know, it applies to lots of you all, so like I said…I am sorry for JUST now posting something on the work wardrobe topic.

As I previously mentioned, my job does



Amy havins shares her wish list.

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