Happy Weekend

Amy Havins shares her experience from the Trunk Club Women's Clubhouse in Dallas.

Happy weekend my friends! Who else is so glad that today is finally Friday? It’s been a long but short week. Really the last few weeks have been long but short (if that even makes sense). We are still trying to get settled into our new house but as you all know how moving is (and decorating), it just takes time....


Spring Stripes

spring stripes


Purple Polo Top

Amy Havins wears a purple tiki top and jeans.

top // jeans // gucci clutch //shoes // sunnies

I think we have finally taken a turn for the better with this Dallas weather, which means that spring wardrobe is in full swing. Over the last couple of months, I have tried to spread out my spring purchases because I know myself and I know if I purchase more than I can wear at the time, I will get so sick of looking at the pieces in my closet and they will loose that ‘new’ appeal....