The Best Make Up Brushes

The Best makeup brushes.

Today I was cleaning my make up brushes for the first time in far too long and as I was cleaning them I realized that I had never shared what make up brushes I use.  I would not put myself in the beauty expert category but when it comes to brushes I can say with confidence that I have found the best make up brushes around....


Currently Obsessed: Hair Accessories

amy havins shares her favorite hair accessories

headband // sweater

A hair accessory (think scrunchi/headband/barrette) is the easiest way to add a little something extra to the most simple outfits. For example, we were going to a casual dinner and I was wearing a black sweater (the one pictured) a pair of jeans and flats. While the outfit combo is classic, I felt like I was so plain that I needed a little something extra to bring it all together....


Happy Weekend

Amy shares what to wear on thanksgiving.

Happy weekend friends!! What a week/month/year/everything it has been. Hard to believe that we are 11 days into the new year already. I feel like I say it every single time I write these posts but where on earth is the time going.

I know they say when you have children that time seems to just speed up but I really do believe it....