The Importance of taking care of you

My entire life self care has been of upmost importance, then I had a baby and it became even more of a priority. Not because I need to look a certain way but because I personally want to feel a certain way. To me, having a work out to clear my head or having regular manicures and a nighttime beauty routine makes me feel like a person that can conquer anything....


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Back to school

white sneakers

Back to school we go! Today Ralph started back at school. Technicallyyyyyyy school started a couple of weeks ago but we were enjoying our summer so much in Idaho, we decided he could miss a couple of days which allowed us to enjoy the cooler weather for an extra two weeks!

I know a handful of you are wondering where on earth we went this summer and in short, we packed up and moved to Idaho for the summer to enjoy cooler weather and lake life....