Best Summer Sandals

Dallas blogger, Amy havins, shares the best summer sandals.

Who else cannot believe that it is almost June 1st? I mean where on earth has the year gone! With summer now on my mind (it’s June people), one of my favorite topics, shoes, is now at the top of my never ending shopping list.

While I do love nothing more than a great sneaker, one of my favorite styles for summer is the summer sandal. ...


Blue On Blue

Dallas Blogger, Amy Havins, wears denim on denim.

top c/o frank & eileen  // denim c/o // denim jacket c/o // wedges c/o // sunnies // clutch

Totally honest, sometimes when I am in a hurry and getting dressed, I don’t really feel like thinking out my outfit. Either I am not in the mood or I am feeling really uninspired and not cute (can anyone relate?)....


Summer’s Best One Pieces

Amy Havins shares the best one pieces for summer.

I was on the phone with my littlest sister the other day and we were talking about one pieces and how much we adored and almost preferred them (they are SO cute right now). She has an upcoming beach trip with her boyfriends family and she wanted to add a cute one piece swimsuit to her collection....