Blue Striped Shirtdress

Amy Havins wears a blue and white striped shirtdress.

I cannot believe that this is my last outfit that I am posting while I was pregnant. It’s so insane looking back at all of these outfits over the last 9 months where you can see my bump get bigger and bigger.While it did take me a really long time to ‘pop’ once my bump really REALLY showed up (about week 36) my bump was large and in charge!


Blue Room Reveal

Amy Havins shares her blue and white upstairs tv room.

I am so excited to share yet ANOTHER little space in our house. I cannot apologize enough for the amount of time it has taken to add more home interior content complete and photographed but as I have mentioned before these things do not happen over night!


My Current Favorite Pajamas

Lately, my wardrobe has consisted of pajamas (for obvious reasons). Since Ralph’s arrival loungewear and cozy clothing have been my outfits of choice because not only is it super comfortable to wear around the house but snuggles have been our big activities of choice and wearing soft pajamas to love on sweet Ralph is just the best....