What I’ve Recently Purchased From Bandier

Amy Havins shares how to get back in shape with Nordstrom.

It’s no secret that I enjoy working out. For me, taking a yoga class or jumping on a bike is ‘my time’ as it really does allow me to clear my head. One of the biggest perks IMO about working out is the clothes or the ‘athleisure’ wardrobe that comes along with gym time. I do have to say along with working out, being a mom has really expanded my athleisure wardrobe as well....


The Best Make Up Brushes

The Best makeup brushes.

Today I was cleaning my make up brushes for the first time in far too long and as I was cleaning them I realized that I had never shared what make up brushes I use.  I would not put myself in the beauty expert category but when it comes to brushes I can say with confidence that I have found the best make up brushes around....


Currently Obsessed: Hair Accessories

amy havins shares her favorite hair accessories

headband // sweater

A hair accessory (think scrunchi/headband/barrette) is the easiest way to add a little something extra to the most simple outfits. For example, we were going to a casual dinner and I was wearing a black sweater (the one pictured) a pair of jeans and flats. While the outfit combo is classic, I felt like I was so plain that I needed a little something extra to bring it all together....