What I wore In Vegas

vegas outfits

Vegas is well uh, always a good idea…especially when your favorite DJ in the world is playing. Since the beginning of me and Wade’s relationship we have probably been to Vegas close to 30 times (yes, you read that correctly). We just love it. The best food, shopping, spa, entertainment and of course blackjack in one concentrated area....


How to get motivated to work out & My Current routine

work out

New Year, new you? How tired are you of hearing that phrase? For me, getting motivated to work out is not always the easiest. There is always something ‘more fun’ to do and there will forever be an excuse to skip but I promise once I get to the class or the workout of my choice, I am SO glad I did not skip!...


Holiday Traditions


I cannot believe that this will be Ralph’s third Christmas (he is a summer baby). Since Ralph was born, we have slowly started to form our own family traditions during the holidays. For us, we think it is important to create new memories and traditions as a family of three.

One of my favorite things to do is to go and visit Santa at NorthPark....