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A couple of nights ago I posted an instagram story video of our (turned down) bed RIGHT before I jumped in. The bed was filled with our favorite pillows and I guess looked cozy as ever because I got so many messages asking where our pillows and linens were from!

While I promise I will eventually ‘share’ our full master bedroom (and the sources that I am able to link), for today I was going to share our FAVORITE pillows that we sleep on every night (literally the best pillows in the world), the sheets we have on our bed and our duvet!

Let’s start with the sheets. Our personal preference when it comes to sheets is that they are crisp, breathable, soft (not mushy) and white. I have tried SO many different kinds and finally last spring  we were ordering new sheets, I decided to try out these sheets. I was unsure what the quality would be because they are not even close to the most expensive kind that you can by but much to my surprise they were amazing. Not just amazing but FANTASTIC. They were exactly what we had wanted and the quality was great. The sheets are so good that I ordered them for all the guest rooms and just ordered them for Ralph’s twin beds (he approves too). I cannot say enough great things about this sheet set (the pillow cases, flat sheet and top sheet).

Now, let’s talk pillows. Pillows can be tricky. Like anything ‘bed’ related, there are so many options. Honestly I had never really thought about pillows as being important until a couple of years ago. Prior to me taking the pillow plunge, our pillows consisted of a hodge podge of pillows from god knows where (and from how long ago). I asked our designer what she recommend and she said HANDS DOWN this brand makes the best pillows, ever. Yes, she was right. They are the BEST pillows ever. I cannot tell you how many times I have recommend them to friends and now there are multiple in every bedroom in our home. The best part about them is that they make two different versions: side sleepers and the other for back/stomach sleepers. Awesome right? These pillows are a dream and trust me when I say you will love them as much as we all do!

For the duvet insert, this is going to be underwhelming but this is what we have in our room/ralphs/guest rooms. It’s great because it’s not ‘too heavy’ (we live in Texas) plus it has little pieces on each corner that you can tie the duvet onto which make it super easy to wash/change the duvet if you are doing it by yourself!

Last but not least, the actual duvet cover. So I ordered a BUNCH of different duvets because it’s so hard to ‘pick one’ online. After much trial and error (literally we ordered a really expensive duvet and it was miserable because it didn’t breath), we landed on this duvet. It’s a great weight and a good price point (especially compared our prior duvet). Linens are like shoes, no you will not have them forever. You may spill on them (hello morning coffee) or even have a child who gets sick in your bed. The last thing I wanted with a duvet was to ‘stress’ if anything happened to it which is why this duvet has worked great for us.

Now if you are not a Restoration person or the vintage (ish) wash doesn’t appeal to you, then I would recommend this duvet. It’s a great price point and honestly feels exactly the same as the RH duvet. We actually have these in our guest rooms and the Idaho house and have LOVED them.

Last but not least, the mattress. We have had an Allswell Luxe Classic mattress for a couple of years now and love it SO much. I was apprehensive at first because it gets delivered in a box and expands but it really is THE BEST. We love it so much, we put two of the Lux Classics’ in Ralphs room (for his twin beds) and one in the guest room. We also plan to put a day bed in baby girls nursery and order another Allswell mattress for that space too! We LOVE their mattresses!

Our designer purchased the shams and large sham inserts from a showroom and I am so sorry but I do not know the source. Also, since I know I will get lots of questions about the bolster, I am so sorry but it is custom!

Okay, if you have made it this far bravo. I promise I will do a full room tour at some point but for now, linens and pillows are going to be the focus. xx

p.s if you are in need of simple (yet beautiful) picture frames around your house, these frames are the only ones we have in our house. love, love love these picture frames!

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