Life Lately

Wow, life lately. I am not even sure where to start as I begin this post. Between having a baby last September (Vivienne will be 6 months old on Sunday!), to trying to learn about to balance life with two children and all the other things that life has thrown our way the last year – it has been quite a *season*....


Matching Loungewear

my jammies // vivienne’s bubble

One (of the many things) that are fun about having young children is being able to match them without them complaining! I saw these heart jammies and this little girls matching bubble and I just had to have. As a jammy obsessed person, I will take every opportunity to add to my pajama drawer, especially when I can snag a cute pair for Vivienne as well!...


The Easiest Way To Grocery Shop

One of my biggest takeaways from the last year has been how to do as many things as possible from the convenience of my home. From having stayed home the majority of the 2020 to having a second baby 4 months ago, being home and being able to do things safely and conveniently are very important to me. ...