Happy Weekend

Amy Havins wears a blue floral print Shoshanna dress with Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots.Happiest weekend everyone! Who else is somewhat glad another week has come and gone? I am not one to wish away time but I really do enjoy our weekends. This week was extremely busy. Between helping our sweet baby Ralph with his ‘stomach bug’ (a.k.a. changing a lotttttt of dirty diapers) and attempting to really get back into the groove with work (it’s so hard to stay focused), this week really flew by.

One of the highlights of the week was baby Ralph’s first halloween! Monday night we dressed him up for fun as a tootsie roll but on Tuesday he wore is ‘official’ first halloween costume. For baby Ralph’s first halloween he was a little pumpkin. I know it’s not thinking too much out of the box but for my first halloween I was a pumpkin, so I thought it would be fun if he was one as well. Plus, the pictures of my first halloween and baby Ralph’s will be really fun to compare! We kept his first halloween pretty low key this year…let’s be honest, if we actually took him to trick or treat, I feel like people would look at us funny because they knowwwww our baby is too young to eat candy!! My mom is currently out of town, so we decided to surprise my Annie (Ralph’s great grandmother) for a little trick or treating. She loved the surprise of Ralph trick or treating at her house just as much as he did!

Other than being busy with work, taking care of sweet baby Ralph, sneaking in a few work outs (I tried One Lagree for the first time on Thursday and it was ridiculously hard); this week was pretty great. Looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend ahead. Hoping for nice weather on Sunday, so we can take our traditional family ‘stroll’ (Sunday is our little family day).

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend and make sure to check back on Monday because baby Ralph is going to be making an appearance on the blog! xx


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