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Favorite (non-maternity) Work Out Clothes

work out clothing

top // shorts // sneakers

Finding clothing that can accommodate a growing baby bump can be tricky. It has to be comfortable, stretchy, not too confining and actually cover the bump. Thankfully a few months ago my friend Krystal told me I HAD to order this top and shorts. These two items are non maternity yet bump friendly....


What I’ve Recently Purchased From Bandier

Amy Havins shares how to get back in shape with Nordstrom.

It’s no secret that I enjoy working out. For me, taking a yoga class or jumping on a bike is ‘my time’ as it really does allow me to clear my head. One of the biggest perks IMO about working out is the clothes or the ‘athleisure’ wardrobe that comes along with gym time. I do have to say along with working out, being a mom has really expanded my athleisure wardrobe as well....


Mixing It Up


In January when I announced that I was pregnant, I also mentioned what my current work out routine was. Upon finding out we were expecting, I made a promise to myself to keep up with my work-outs as long as I could. My work outs have consisted of running outdoors, spin, yoga and working out with a trainer once a week. I have really tried to mix it up, to keep it fresh and not get too boring!

Now that I am 30 weeks (so crazy), I am still happy (and so thankful) to say that I am able to continue my regular work out schedule.