Favorite (non-maternity) Work Out Clothes

work out clothing

top // shorts // sneakers

Finding clothing that can accommodate a growing baby bump can be tricky. It has to be comfortable, stretchy, not too confining and actually cover the bump. Thankfully a few months ago my friend Krystal told me I HAD to order this top and shorts. These two items are non maternity yet bump friendly.

I love being able to purchase things I know are not a complete waste of money (I can wear post baby) and these comfy work out items fit this description. I ended up ordering the top and shorts in both black and white. Not kidding these are so comfortable and I wear at least one of these pieces every single day.

Pregnant or not, I cannot say enough great things about these shorts and tops. Literally the best. Oh and if you are pregnant, I recommend just going up 1 size (that is what worked for me). xx

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