What I’ve Recently Purchased From Bandier

It’s no secret that I enjoy working out. For me, taking a yoga class or jumping on a bike is ‘my time’ as it really does allow me to clear my head. One of the biggest perks IMO about working out is the clothes or the ‘athleisure’ wardrobe that comes along with gym time. I do have to say along with working out, being a mom has really expanded my athleisure wardrobe as well. From school dropoffs/pickups to chasing Ralph around the house, I really do like to be comfortable yet still look put together.

Yesterday I posted on my Instagram stories that I made a quick trip to Bandier and I cannot tell you how many messages I got asking me to share what I bought. I even got a sweet email from a reader saying she was having shoulder surgery and would love recommendations on cozy things that I had recently purchased from Bandier.

If you’re not familiar with Bandier, it’s a 1 stop (online or if you are in Dallas Highland Park Village) shop with everything you need when it comes to working out (or pretending that you do). It truly is the best!

To make it easy, I rounded all of my recent purchases that are currently still available online! Happy shopping and working out (if that’s your thing). xx

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