Happy Weekend

ralph scheudle

Happy weekend friends! Who else is sick of this weather??? At the beginning of the week in Dallas I kid you not it was 75 degrees….this week has been a dream. It is weird to say this but it is the first week that has felt 100% normal regarding our routine. We are typically scheduled people but sometimes with a baby we have pop in guests, something comes up last minute or the week just gets away from us. This week was nothing like that and was the smoothest week we have had in a really long time.

I got SO much (uninterrupted) work done, got (re) organized and spent the majority of the beginning of the week outside with baby Ralph. We cooked 3 meals at home, celebrated my baby sisters birthday (last night) at one of our favorite restaurants and even managed to get more sleep than I have had in a really long time. Best week ever?

This weekend should also be fairly normal. Tonight we are doing a low key dinner, tomorrow will consist of work outs, brunch and probably a sushi dinner.

I hope you all have the most relaxing and fun weekend! xx


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