The Easiest Way to Get Brighter Skin

vitamin c lotionLately I have gotten a lot of questions about my skincare routine. While ironically enough my skincare routine is quite simple (I will share my full skincare routine another day), I did want to share one product that I can honestly say has CHANGED my skin for the better.

This Vitamin C lotion from Revision Skincare is the best product I have added to my skincare routine in YEARS. Not only are the benefits of this product insane (brightens the skin, gives the skin vitamin c, moisturizes, hydrates, provides antioxidants, and most importantly reduces fine lines & wrinkles) this product is the best.

This Vitamin C lotion from Revision Skincare (thanks to my esthetician recommending) has taken my skin to another level. Yes, this product is a bit of an investment but the bottle will last you so long (mine lasts at least 2 1/2 months). After I get ready in the mornings, I use *one* pump on my clean skin and then let the Vitamin C Lotion absorb into my face. After the product is absorbed, I apply my daily moisturizer (with sunscreen of course) and then apply my make up regularly or no make up at all.

If you want to invest in one beauty product this season, I cannot say enough amazing things about this product. The hydration alone should be reason enough to purchase but guys the skin brightening is also a major bonus (in my opinion).

Click here to get *brighter* skin.


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