The Best Luggage

away luggageUntil recently, my husband and I had the same luggage that we bought right after we got married. It was Hartmann classic expandable luggage and it really did work great until it just didn’t anymore. Our luggage collection started to look pieced together and really worn out.

Being unsure of where to start with luggage (there are SO many brands), ironically enough when we were in the market for new luggage, one day I got in the mail the Away carry on. I wasn’t sure what all the hype was but I was curious to try it. I took it on one trip and I was sold. The day after I got home we ordered the entire set for me, Wade and Ralph.

I have to say traveling with luggage that goes together is a total game changer. Not just because it looks better but more importantly it makes everything more seamless. It’s so easy to load bags into a trunk when they all ‘fit’ together instead of trying to tetris everything into the back of a car. Another bonus is that it is easy to tell which luggage is ours because they are all the same (we have monogramed luggage tags so we can tell whose bag belongs to whom).

Currently when we travel we either travel with 3 medium bags (me, Ralph and Wade each have one) and 1 large carry on or we travel with 1 medium bag for Ralph, 1 large carry on and 1 large bag (me and wade share a bag if it is a shorter trip).

If you are in the market for new luggage , need a gift idea (I got my dad a large carry on for Christmas) or just want to make life easier while traveling, I highly recommend Away. Oh and the carry on luggage has a built in portable charger….so convenient!

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