Happy Weekend

Amy Havins wears a jill jill stuart little black dress.Happy weekend my friends! Another week come and gone and we are now to the second of November. WOWZERS. Hard to believe that Halloween has come and gone that in just a few short weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving which means that Christmas is right around the corner!

I am actually really looking forward to the holiday season this year. Honestly, I think it is because Ralph is so much more aware this year. Yes, he is still on a schedule (you can read his current schedule here) so life still does revolve around nap times but when he is awake he is so loves to do everything, which is so much fun for us. I really think it will be my little families best holiday season yet!!

Excited for a relaxing weekend at home. Anyone have any fun plans on their agendas this weekend? Currently we just have a dinner, golf (Wade not me) and a few other things planned! I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend!


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