Happy Halloween


Cannot believe that this is my little baby Ralph’s second halloween! How on earth has it already been a year since I forced my little 3 1/2 month old into two wardrobe changes for the occasion? Surprisingly enough he was just as good of a sport about me putting him in his costume has he was last year!

If you cannot tell by the photo, this year he was “Red” from the movie Angry Birds. Angry Birds is currently one of his favorite movies, so we thought it would be fun this year to dress him up like the bird in the movie. Of course he was a bit clueless about the entire thing but we thought he looked just precious.

Ralph actually got to wear his costume last week in his schools costume parade. In case you were wondering, yes, Ralph’s school costume parade was literally the cutest thing we have ever seen. Like ever. Imagine little sweet babies & kids ages 1 – 5 walking in a line in costumes? It was just precious.

Send good vibes our way as it is supposed to rain tonight – we really wanted to walk Ralph to a few houses on our street! Happy Halloween friends!

To see some pictures of Ralph’s first halloween click here!

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