20 Favorite Raincoats

The last week it has been raining. By rain I do not mean a cozy fall drizzle, I am talking full on downpour and as I look at the weather for the next week the the rain is not going anywhere.

Yesterday I was dropping baby Ralph off at school in the rain (while also getting SOAKED) and I was laughing as I was running in the school because I was just wearing a sweatshirt. I opted for the sweatshirt because as weird as it sounds, my raincoat option is not existent. By non existent, I mean I do not have one. How odd is that?

All of these years I have lived in Dallas and I have about every other jacket you can imagine but no raincoat? No coat that ACTUALLY is necessary? Nope.

Well friends, today is the day I finally get a raincoat. I decided there is NO WAY I am the only one who doesn’t have a raincoat, so I decided to round up my current 20 favorite raincoats for you all.

Which one is your favorite???

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