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Amy Havins share her weekend plans and the best weekend sales.

Happy weekend everyone! Who else is so excited that another weekend is finally here?? That being said, I cannot believe that this weekend is already here because tomorrow will be April 1st which means that baby Havins is THAT much closer to his arrival! So crazy.

Although a short week for us (we were in Vegas until Monday afternoon), I got so much accomplished relating to work and ESPECIALLY relating to the house #Nesting. As odd as this sounds, sometimes I feel like I get more done when I have a shorter amount of time (pressure maybe?). As we wrap up our kitchen remodel, the upstairs is so much closer to being completed…especially the nursery! This week the wallpaper was finished being hung (it’s so precious), the crib will be here tomorrow, the light fixture will be complete in a few weeks and the dresser was ordered Wednesday. We are still waiting on our designer to select fabrics  for the window treatments, crib bedding and pillows. Once those things are decided we will pull the trigger on the rug as well as the chair we have our eyes on. Moving right along if you asked me!

This weekend there is not too much on the agenda. Between work, celebrating a birthday and lots of organizing (Container Store run for sure); it should be a pretty relaxing weekend. Monday Wade and I head to the beach for some relaxation and sunshine. I am not going to be traveling in my third trimester (just a couple weeks away), so we wanted to get away just the two of us before the baby arrives. I cannot tell you how excited we are to get some sun!

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend. xx


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