A Typical Day

Amy Havins shares her weekend plans.One of the questions that I get asked all the time is ‘what does a typical day’ look like for you. Honestly, this is such a hard question to answer as every day is very different. One of the coolest things and the biggest blessing about being my own boss is creating your my schedule. Yes, in a perfect world I would sleep in everyday and lounge in my robe but if I were to actually do that, I would get nothing accomplished.

Since starting my own business back in August of 2011, the first thing I did was purchase a calendar. Call me old school but I love nothing more than writing in a calendar vs. typing something in my iCal. For me, it makes me feel organized, plus I can look at my entire ‘week’, write things in and of course cross them off when they get done! Oh and the best part about writing in your calendar is that at the end of the year your calendar turns into a social/work journal. It’s so fun to look back at previous years and see where I was eating, what projects I was working on and where I was traveling! My grandmother started doing this in the 50’s and still has all of her calendars…I’ve always thought it was SO cool and hope to have just as vast of a collection one day!

Ok, now that you know how I attempt to keep my life organized, I’ll get back to the real reason you are probably reading this post…to learn more about a typical day. As I mentioned before for me no two days are alike. There are certain things that are consistent everyday but for the most part everyday is different.

To start my day, every morning Wade and I wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee together. We have been doing this for as long as we have been married and it is my favorite way to start the day. There is something about having morning coffee with your other half (even if somedays it only last 3 minutes) that really starts the day off right! Some days coffee is first thing other days is post work out (if I take my work out hour in the morning due to other work obligations in the middle of the day). Depending on the day and what is on the schedule, post coffee I start grinding through my morning e-mails. After spending about 3 hours on morning e-mails (in between answering calls/etc from things related to the house), I sneak away for an hour to take a yoga class. Post yoga, I either swing by the grocery store and pick up lunch/things for the fridge (I am obsessed with having a stocked fridge). Post errands (some days dry cleaning, run by the mail box..you get it), I head back home and spend the rest of the afternoon creating content, responding to more e-mails and if it is a ‘shoot’ day, then prep for photos (pull/organize looks, decide on location and get ready). Wade and I like to eat dinner on the earlier side during the week, so usually around 5:45-6, we figure out the dinner plan. We usually get back to the house about 7 and by 7:45, I am back at the table working again.

I will say one of the best things about working for yourself is being able to manage your own schedule but one of the worst things is that it never stops. Literally never stops. I usually spend between 10-12 hours a day in front of my computer. The e-mails are endless, I am the one who has to be on all of the conference calls, show up to the meetings, go to the work luncheons/etc. Thankfully in January I added an intern who has been a LIFE SAVER. She has helped me manage different aspects of my content and other daily web-site upkeeps. I am actually in the process of making some big changes on my site, so my intern (who I will introduce sooner than later), has been helping me prep for everything!

I know once the baby arrives that my morning coffee with Wade could be in the middle of the night and my ‘typical day’ will change drastically but I could not be more ok with that. I am currently trying get everything done relating to the house (renovations/decor/organizing), so that when the baby does arrive I am able to be 100% present, not worry about anything house related (besides upkeep/etc) and also keep up with the blog. For me, my work has been something that I have loved building for myself and I plan to continue to do so post baby!

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