My Current Diet & Work Out Schedule

Amy havins shares her pregnancy diet and work out schedule.

Since finding out I was pregnant last November, if I am being 100% honest, one of my biggest concerns was the weight that I would be gaining over the next 9 months. I did not have these concerns because I did not want to have a healthy pregnancy but because when you are at the starting line of something COMPLETELY NEW and you don’t know how your body is going to change/what to expect, it’s kind of intimidating…somewhat of a ‘fear of the unknown’.

In order to try and keep my body in check during the duration of my pregnancy I made my own work out/diet plan upon finding out I was pregnant. That plan consists of changing nothing and keeping to as ‘normal’ of a workout and eating schedule as I could. I do want to add that this is what WORKS FOR ME. I am not a nutritionist, I have just learned things over the years that work for my well being.

I have said this before and I will say it again, I have never been on a diet, nor do I think they are beneficial for me.  Instead, I have always chosen to eat in moderation. One of the bests examples I can give is when going out to eat. As you all know, portions are out of control these days. We were at the movies the other week and I ordered a medium drink and it was literally bigger than my head. It’s insane to me that establishments think they are doing you a favor by giving you ‘more’ but in reality it’s not benefitting anyone.

Ok, ok…back to the ordering example. Like I said in the past, Wade and I eat out a lot. Mostly because it’s convenient, plus when it’s just the two of us it’s much easier than cooking! Depending on the restaurant I either order off of the kids menu (at a mexican place a kids taco/enchilada meal is an adult sized taco with rice and beans) and at restaurants that do not offer ‘similar’ options to the adult menu on the kids menu, I usually ask for an extra plate and remove a little less than half of the serving. This maybe weird to say out loud but really large portions gross me out.

At one of my first doctors appointments, she was talking to me about eating habits during pregnancy and she told me that just because you are ‘eating for two’ does not mean that you need to intake that many extra calories. She advised me about 200 extra a day. For me, thats a yogurt with granola, a power bar, extra fruit or even a piece of toast with avocado. I have noticed an increase in my appetite at times, so I always have a healthy snack with me in case I am not at home! I have tried to keep my ‘eating habits’ during pregnancy as healthy and normal as I can, as I know after baby arrives that I would totally regret treating the last 9 months as a total free for all in regards to eating. I also want to say that I do eat dessert, pizza is a must at least one night a week and I have never deprived myself of certain foods. I have always felt that if you eat what you want, in moderation things always work out better…at least for me! For example, only eat 1 cookie instead of the entire box, opt for a ‘light’ frappaccino if you want one and actually put the ice cream in a bowl instead of eating out of the pint. See? Eating in moderation.

As far as my current work out routine goes, I have tried so hard to do as much as I can while I am pregnant and keep up with what I was doing before. Yes, there are some days I am a little tired but I go regardless and just do a ‘lighter’ work out. I know that it will help my body post baby but also keep me healthy, happy and stress free during this 9 months! Currently, I am doing yoga, spin, and going on neighborhood walks; which is exactly what I did pre-pregnancy. I try to spin 2-3 times a week, do yoga twice a week and go on a walk 1 day a week. That puts me at doing an ‘activity’ about 5-6 days a week. Most of the times I get tired in the afternoons, so I have been going in the mornings or during lunchtime. For me, this has been working as my weight gain has been right on track with what my doctor has advised!

As I write this post, I really cannot believe that I am almost 6 months pregnant and that our sweet baby will be arriving in a little over a few months. It’s crazy how slow this process has been but also how quickly it has flown by. I credit the quickness of the pregnancy to being distracted by all of the home projects that we have been doing to try and get the house done before his arrival.

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