Contrast Skirt

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Since my schedule is different and no day is the same my wardrobe has to reflect that lifestyle. One day I could be in work out clothes stuck in my (home) office and the next I could be out and about at meetings or events. My wardrobe has become the perfect blend of casual, professional and classic. One thing I do like to always add to my wardrobe (besides work out clothes bc I am obsessed!) are staple pieces that I know I will wear today, next month and years to come.

When picking out staples for my wardrobe, I often rely on The Dreslyn. It’s the cool online retailer that has the most perfectly curated collection of the best styles & top notch designers. I can honestly say that IF I could order every single thing from one web-site, without a doubt it would be The Dreslyn. They carry everything from Carven to Opening Cermony and even have an entire home collection (it’s beautiful). It really is amazing.

While doing my normal online shopping rounds, I came across this Carven contrast skirt and immediately knew I had to have it in my wardrobe. Yea it is not the usual ‘basic’ black skirt but it is in the perfect color that really does act as a neutral and literally can go with everything. I have already paired it with this Wayne blouse (obsessed with the leather details) and even something as simple as a basic tee. It really is the perfect addition to my wardrobe!

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This post was sponsored by The Dreslyn. All opinions are my own!

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