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 Xirena XirenaXIRENA_SUMMER14_Lookbook_2_SR_hr_no logo_Page_09 XirenaUndergarments can be really tricky, especially when you don’t have a lot ‘on top’. The majority of bras can be bulky, gape and just look really padded. Ever since I got over the fact that padded bras just look absolutely ridiculous on me I have been on the search for the perfect yet comfortable bra that has a little support.

While shopping at Scoop a couple of months ago, one of the girls who works there told me I should try the Xirena bras on. At first I was a little apprehensive to try on these bras because A. they literally look like they are trainers B. I wasn’t sure they would really ‘support’. Well after I finally made my way to the dressing room (I had to do a little shopping, duh) I decided to try the Xirena bra on first.

You guys, GAME CHANGER. Not only is it the most comfortable bra I have ever worn, come to find out they come in a million colors, they make swim suits & sleep wear. Best undergarment line ever. If you are ‘tiny on top’ like me, make sure to try Xirena. They have just enough support and are the most comfortable things I have ever worn.

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