Happy Weekend

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Oh em gee it’s Friday which means Happy weekend! Today we are headed to Yountville, California. Some of our really good friends are getting married tomorrow night, so we will be spending the weekend in the wine country. This is our first time to visit the California wine country and I could not be more excited because I have only heard good things! I hear Yountville is so charming and cannot wait to explore that little town.

When the weekend comes to a close we will head back to San Francisco for a few days. So. Excited. I haven’t visited the city since I was 15 (almost 12 years but who is counting) and my husband has never been! We are hoping to hit some of the ‘touristy highlights’ and then just wander around the city. If you have any restaurant suggestions or tips on what we should do at all please comment below! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xx

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