What’s In Our Fridge

what's in our fridgewhat's in our fridgewhat's in our fridgewhat's in our fridgewhat's in our fridgeI cannot tell you how many times I have gotten asked to share what is in our fridge. I promise you it is no more interesting that your own fridges but last week when I was putting the groceries in the refrigerator, I looked up and it actually looked pretty (if that is even a thing).

Maybe it was because it was full or the way I had it organized but it just looked good! Now please know that these photos were not planned (hence the bag of left over egg rolls and half empty bottles). One thing that I have always tried to do is keep a stocked fridge. I love nothing more than being able to open a refrigerator and have options. Options are so major for me!

So to keep this brief as clearly the pictures do the talking, I’ll walk you through starting from the top and ended with the side door!

starting from the top:

-beer, beer and more beer. blue moon is a favorite of mine (and wade’s) but we also like to provide other options for guests because not everyone likes blue moon as much as we do; a bottle of pinot noir (we prefer our red chilled)

-la croix, topo chico (my favoriteeee), red bull (duh), diet coke, g2 and sparkling italian water (central market find)

-chicken salad (desperate to get ralph to like chicken…I don’t eat chicken and thinking he is getting this from me but I’m still trying!!); leftovers (I was not kidding about the egg rolls), chopped onions, apple juice, pedilyte (ralph was sick last week), faye cherry yogurtcherry tomatoes and pomegranate seeds

-grapes, eggs, grapefruit, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries

-lemons, limes, sliced cheese, sliced turkey (we love the maple honey turkey) and soy slices (for Ralph)

-bread drawer (tortillas, bread, there might be maple turkey bacon in there…again, not THAT organized, haha)

-the bottom drawer is basically our eatzis/fresh food drawer. we keep fresh (pre-made) food in this drawer that we get from eatzis, central market or whole foods.

-the side shelves are pretty self explanatory. starting with the lactose free milk (for ralph), moving down to condiments and then finishing with everything from coffee creamer to celery juice.

So there you have it. An impromptu fridge tour!  xx

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