How to get Better hair

how to get the perfect hair.Some people are able to go DAYS without washing their hair, unfortunately I am not one of those people. I work out regularly (hello sweat) and honestly, I enjoy being squeaky clean. One negative to washing your hair everyday is well, your hair. It gets dry, has heat damage and just feels meh.

As someone who actually does take pride in her hair (most of the time), I wanted to find an at home solution that would help bring my hair back to life. One night I got in search mode online and after ordering 4 different at home hair treatments (and using them), I found that Olaplex Hair Perfector really is what it says it is…a hair perfector.

Guys, I am normally not one to REALLY encourage you to order a product but in all seriousness, this Olaplex Hair Perfector is AMAZING. I’ve been using it twice a week for the last month and I have noticed such a big difference in my hair.

Not only does my hair feel silky and smooth again (even with my daily washes), it is styling better, blow drying better and truly just better all around. If you are looking to ‘get your hair in shape’ I cannot say enough good things about Olaplex Hair Perfector!

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