What We are Naming Baby Girl Havins

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I am SO excited to share baby girls name with you all. I was actually planning on waiting a little bit longer to share but if you’re like me, you love knowing this kind of stuff so I figured why wait! Plus, it’s so fun for me to share because we are so excited to have another baby this September!

Before we even thought about baby number two, we had a baby list that consisted of one girl name and one boy name that was set almost two years ago. Our boy name was Hugh and our girl name was Vivienne. Honestly, I knew this baby was going to be a girl. I was convinced it was going to be a girl because although I LOVE the name Vivienne, I thought Hugh Havins had quite the nice ring to it! Both names are not family names as we wanted to name our children names that were thought of by the two of us and not sourced from a family tree (although nothing wrong with that-we just like to think of something on our own for the first name).

So why Vivienne? Most importantly because we love it. We also wanted an older name that you don’t hear as much (like Ralph). Since I was a little girl I have always loved the name Scarlett (I named my Lee Middleton doll in lower school Kennedy Scarlett). Anyways, the girl who played Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind (in 1939) was named Vivien Leigh (we are spelling it Vivienne though). The name Vivienne was also on our friends Kristin and Jacks list but got cut before they landed on Lillian, which we LOVEEEE (no we did not steal the name, we got approval to add to our list).  We never really added another girl name to the list. Whenever we found out that baby number two was a girl, we just said Vivienne it is!

If you remember this post where I announced baby Ralph’s name (click here to read), I said that the first baby would have a middle name from my side of the family (Ralph’s middle name, Bonham, is my grandmothers maiden name as well as one of my cousins middle names) and the second baby (if we were so lucky) would have a middle name from Wade’s side of the family.

We actually didn’t have a middle name picked out until after we found out number two was a girl. We had a couple of random (non-family) names on a list but I finally decided on Wade because I love the idea that she would be named after the most special person (to me and to her). Also, since her name, Vivienne, has so many syllables, we wanted her middle name to be short and sweet. For us, Wade is the perfect fit.

Vivienne Wade Havins…pretty right? We love it and are so excited to meet baby girl this September (almost halfway there)! xx

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