How to display your childs art without junking up your house

cork board

Art projects…if you are a mom you for sure have a love/hate relationship with them (at least I do). I LOVE everything that Ralph makes but that’s the problem…I love it so much that I want to keep it all and let’s be honest, after a while it just starts to look like the loveliest pile of junk.

At our house we have a paneled fridge (it looks like part of our cabinets), so taping Ralph’s art projects to the refrigerator door are not an option. I am also just as proud as he is of everything that he creates that I want to display it in a way that makes him feel special.

Maybe I am jumping to conclusions but I feel like everyone has a space in their home that could use a little ‘color’ or doesn’t have as much foot traffic. For us that was our laundry room. In our laundry room we had a huge blank wall and I was unsure of what to put there until Ralph started coming home from school every day with a new creation.

I decided that it would be fun for Ralph (and us) to find a special way to display all of his pretty art. I ordered this cork board to mount on the wall to then fill with all of his pretty pieces. Guys, I’m not kidding when I say it is not my favorite thing in our home. We call it “Ralph’s Art Wall” and every time we go upstairs, we stop by the room and take a look to admire all of his work. Ralph is so proud of his art wall and I love what his art does for the space!

At some point this art wall is going to be full…especially now that we are home so much because we do an art project almost daily! One of my friends told me about Artkive (no, this is not sponsored). Artkive will mail you a box that you put ALL of your childs art in. You mail it back, they professionally photograph the pieces and then return the art box and beautiful book with all of your childs art captured! To me, this sounds like the perfect way to make room for a “new art wall” and not collect construction paper for years! My plan is at the end of summer to mail Artkive all of Ralphs’ work thus far so we have a clean slate/art wall going into the “new” school year.

For us this is what works in our house but if you are a magnet to the fridge kind of person, that is amazing too! Also, if you don’t like the cork board that we selected for our laundry room, I rounded up a few others that I really liked as well. xx

Favorite Cork Boards

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