The most dressed up I have been in 40 Days

casual style

equipment top (similar here) // vince shorts (similar here) // dior flats (similar here)

It sounds ridiculous even writing or admitting this but this is the most dressed up I have been in 40 days. Yes, you read that correctly. I have worn make up once (ONCE!) and this button down is as “dressy” as it has gotten around the house for me.

Is this a good thing? Who knows, I mean who really cares what you look like around the house (or during this time in general) but if I am being completely honest, it felt great to put on something other than leggings and a sweat shirt. Maybe great isn’t the right word, more like amazing. It was actually really “fun” to pick out a button down and throw on a pair of shorts. *filed under things you probably never thought you would read on my blog*

I had so much fun doing this yesterday that I am going to make it a quarantine goal to do it at least two more times this week. This is what I like to call baby steps, so when things hopefully (slowly) get back to normal, my system won’t have as big of a shock getting dressed. It is amazing how much better you feel in general when you get dressed. For me it was such a mood booster!

Last week I wrote a blog post sharing 20 Things that Make me Happy While at Home (click here to read) and I should have made it 21 things. I should have added “wearing real clothes at least once a week”. So if you are feeling dumpy or in a bit of a slump, I encourage you to first read this and do at least ONE of the things on this list and second, GET DRESSED! You will feel so much better. Sending you all the good vibes during this *different* time. xx

Get the Look

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