Happy Weekend

Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe wears a black coat from Reiss.Happy weekend friends! I hope your week was as breezy as ours. I honestly feel so repetitive when I write these posts because I feel like our weeks are ALWAYS the same. Takeout, a few work outs, diapers (LOTS OF DIAPERS), nap time, play time…oh and that thing called work. I will add that this week we did one BIG and dreaded errand…getting Ralph’s passport. I have been putting it off for weeks because it seemed like it would be such a chore but it really was not a big deal at all (you can read about it here).

I mean as boring and slow as the weeks can be sometimes, they really are fun. I’ve really enjoyed our new normal of life with a baby. This week really was great and I have started to get all ready for Thanksgiving. I honestly still cannot believe that it is already time for Thanksgiving. This year I am hosting 17 people at our house! While thankfully I am not cooking (we are leaving Eatzi’s to do that & my mom, aunt and grandmother are making their famous sides); it still is a lot of work preparing your home to accommodate everyone comfortably!

I’m doing two big tables this year, so that requires two separate tablescapes. Thankfully my grandmother has an abundance of dishes, so of course I made a trip to her house to get more than I need! I ordered custom napkins for each of the tables and still have yet to figure out center pieces…at least I have a few days, right?

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend!


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