Tips for Getting your Baby A Passport

Amy Havins shares tips on getting your baby a passport.Last Wednesday Wade and I FINALLY made the dreaded trip to the passport offices. We had been putting off this errand because well, it’s an errand that we did not feel like doing. Prior to going to the passport offices, I wanted to make sure that we were as prepared as we could be so the errand didn’t take longer than it needed to. See below for what we did to make this dreaded errand as smooth as possible!

Tips for Getting Your Baby a Passport

  • Read this.
  • I electronically filled out the DS-11 form and printed it out before we went to make it a little faster (you can get the form here).
  • Bring a copy and original of your babies birth certificate
  • Bring the original of your babies social security card (and a copy)
  • Bring a BLANK check (or you can go to CVS and get a money order if you me)
  • Bring a debit card (they don’t take AMEX)
  • Call before and see if they take photos there. I made the mistake and went to UPS to get a really low quality photo that they wouldn’t take. It would have been much easier to have not run that errand and just had them take it there (which they did anyways and it was super easy)
  • You and your spouse/partner have to go together…if for some reason your spouse cannot go, you have to get a notary to say that the other parent approves the passport application. In my opinion, it’s just easier to go together…that is what we did.
  • Bring your passport and your husbands

 We went in the morning, so thankfully the passport office was pretty empty (we went to the one at Marsh and Walnut Hill) and we went after Ralph’s morning nap and before his 10 AM feed. It really was a short and sweet trip and honestly it wasn’t bad at all. Glad we got it over with! Happy Traveling! xx

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