Happy Weekend

Amy Havins wears fall plaid from Old Navy.Happy weekend friends! Hooray for somewhat cooler temps in Dallas and today being Friday! As much as I love the week these days, weekends are my favorite. Minimal phone use and lots of lounging with baby Ralph.

This week was well…busy. I had more work that I wanted to handle (don’t worry I did), a few meetings, a fun girls dinner and lots of time with baby Ralph. All things that I love but it is amazing how quickly the days go by! This weekend there isn’t too much on the agenda, which is always nice. Today I was going to pop by by friend Gray’s book signing and tonight we are planning on grabbing an early dinner with baby Ralph. Tomorrow (Saturday) will consist of spin, lunch, afternoon lounging and then dinner out. Although I love the weekend, Sunday is my favorite day because that is our little ‘family day’. We lay in bed and watch movies, take an afternoon stroll and really just enjoy the quite day before busy Monday hits.

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! xx


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