Wonder Waist Liner

Amy Havins shares about her favorite new product, the wonder waist liner. I wear so many different styles of clothing but the one style I avoid the majority of the time is something that is ‘loose fitting’. Not because I do not like the actual style of the garment, primarily because of my body type. I have more of an athletic build and like every girl, I have hips. The point of me describing my body type is that not all clothing works on me.

Blouses and dresses that are more full and do not have an actual waist line are not the most flattering on me. They make me look much bigger than I am and do nothing for my shape. I will admit that I know these types of garments do not look good on me but I always try them on in hopes that MAYBE it will work.

Well my body type is not changing but thankfully there is a simple product, that is less than $30 that now allows be to wear all of those ‘loose’ garments that I have always wanted.

The Wonder Waist Liner is literally the answer to every struggle I have ever had in a dressing room or in my own closet. The Wonder Waist Liner is an elastic belt that comes in three different colors (nude, black & white) and transforms your garments without even being seen!

The Wonder Waist Liner is the product that can be added to EVERY loose garment and will create that feminine shape that sometimes is necessary and much more flattering.

To get your own Wonder Waist Liner click here

images by sukilynn

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