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           We have been working on our house for what seems like forever now. While it has only been 9 months, for some reason it really seems much longer. We have ALMOST finished phase one which was converting the back house into a garage, fencing in the back, laying concrete, landscaping the front, gutting the master bathroom, re-doing the downstairs powder bathroom and of course decorating and furnishing the house. We still lack little things like drapes, a piece of art for above the fireplace in the formal living room, a lamp here and there but nothing too big well, besides the kitchen.

Currently we are trying to get all of the punch list items completed by our current contractor and CLOSE that door with him so we can move onto conquering the kitchen. Honestly, I am so thankful that we did not do all three major areas at once because that would have been even more of a headache but also it has given us a chance to really ‘live’ in the space and decide what we want out of the kitchen as well as maybe going in a different direction in regard to design.

Ok, enough overall home updates…I want to get a little more specific and move onto my favorite thing and what I like to call the ‘heart of the bedroom’, the bed. Now for those of you who have shopped for a master bed or are currently in the process of finding the perfect bed for you space, you probably are just as frustrated as we were. I cannot tell you how many hours we spent looking online, shopping in stores, showrooms and really everything in between. Regardless of how many places we looked we could never find anything and honestly, we didn’t want to settle because this is such an important space in a house.

After months of looking and feeling quite frustrated, a sweet friend told me that I should look at My Chic Nest for a bed. She told me that they have just about every style bed and the best part was that could could pick exactly what you wanted. Oddly enough that seemed to be the biggest problem when we were bed shopping. We would find a shape but would HATE the wood/fabric. To me, there is no point in spending so much money on something just to have to buy fabric and stain the wood.

I decided to check out My Chic Nest in hopes to find something that would work perfectly for us. You guys, the minute I got on the My Chic Nest website and went to the beds category I found our bed. I saw the My Chic Nest Deborah bed and knew it was ‘the one’. I loved the combination of wood and fabric as well as the shape of the head and foot boards. Oh and the fact that I could literally pick any stain and fabric made it a home run.

It took me about 1 hour to commit to the bed, pick out fabric and wood swatches to be sent to the house to ‘confirm’ before the bed was built and the rest is history. 7 weeks later our dream bed arrived and we have never been so happy with a custom piece of furniture. The process was seamless and the My Chic Nest team was a dream to communicate with, which made purchasing a piece of custom furniture very easy (often it is such a beating).

We now have a beautiful mahogany and white bed in our master bedroom and I could not be more thankful that this particular item is checked off the list.

my chic nest deborah bed // bedside tables c/o // wicker baskets // bedside lamps c/o lulu & georgia // gray malin bora bora photograph c/o // matouk linens c/o 

images by sukilynn

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