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Thank goodness the sun is finally out in Dallas. After what seems like a lifetime of never ending rainy days + cloudy skies the sun is here and hopefully will stay! Although you should be wearing sunscreen EVERY DAY of the year, this post is your friendly reminder that sunny days are (hopefully) here to stay and that sunscreen should be your #1 priority!

As per Amanda’s recommendation (my esthetician from Eleven Wellness who I have worked with for 4 years), she has always told me that Elta MD makes a great facial sunscreen. As someone who has hyperpigmentation (especially during pregnancy), I can honestly say this has helped my skin SO much. Not only is this facial suncreen not greasy (aka doesn’t cause breakouts), it really protects my skin from the sunshine! I use the regular Elta MD facial sunscreen but if you prefer a tinted facial sunscreen they make a great one as well!

I have also used their AM Therapy and PM Therapy moisturizes for years and love them just as much. If you are looking to add THE BEST facial sunscreen to your make up drawer  I (and Amanda!!!) cannot say enough great things about this product.

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