Guest Room Makeover

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Two weeks into being at home, I am now to the point of making up projects to keep myself busy. One project that I have been wanting to do for quite some time was to swap the guest rooms. You might remember but we call this guest room “Guest Room B” (because it has a balcony) and until last Thursday, it looked like this (click here to see before photos).

I thought it would be a fun way to give this room an easy refresh, plus it would be something fun to do during quarantine! After a little bit of work (and selling the furniture and window treatments that used to be in the space), the Guest room A (click here to see the furniture in the old room) became the “new” guest room b!

Such a fun way to really mix things up around here. I highly recommend making a list of ALL the things you want to do during this time and start checking them off! I have been reorganizing closets, cleaning out clothes, swapping guest rooms, going through Ralph’s baby clothes to pick what baby girl can get away with wearing (some of ralph’s things obviously won’t work for her) and tidying everything from the playroom to the closet under the stairs.

I do want to add my sincere apologies for the junk photos above. They were snapped with my iPhone but are no where near as pretty as when Becca takes them professionally. For now, this will have to do! xx

bed: MGBW, rug: MGBW, side tables: Wisteria, couch: The CEH (recovered with fabric via Cindy Sontag), dresser: The CEH, couch pillows: custom, bolster: custom, window treatments: custom, lamps: Visual Comfort, baskets: Pottery Barn, fiddle fig leaf plant: no clue but yes, it’s real!

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