10 Things I Cannot Live without During Pregnancy

Amy Havins shares the name of their first baby.It is no joke when people say pregnancy is LONG. I found out at just 4 weeks that we were expecting, so for me, it has seemed THAT much longer! Thankfully, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (8 weeks 6 days). As we are in FULL nesting mode at the Havins House, I thought it would be fun and maybe somewhat interesting to those who are also expecting (or thinking about it in the future) to share with you all what products/things I personally have not been able to live without throughout since last November.

Please remember, that these items are 100% my opinion and things that have helped me. Maybe they would work for you or at least one of the items will?

10 Things That Have Helped Me Throughout My Pregnancy

  1. Calm Anti-Stress Drink: Wade and I have both been drinking Calm for almost two years now and cannot go a day without having it! If you are not familiar with Calm, I HIGHLY recommend starting to add it to your nightly routine. There are SO many benefits. By drinking Calm it helps promotes healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium intake—helping you to feel less stressed and more relaxed. Some of my favorite benefits of drinking this natural magnesium supplement drink is that it can help with anxiety, MORNING SICKNESS, restlessness, depression, help reduce pain (headaches, muscle), and your heart health. Let’s just say Calm have been a game changer for us!
  2. Earth Mama Body Butter: I wrote about this body butter in this post but I wanted to share about it again. I have been using it since about week 17 to (hopefully) help prevent stretch marks. So far, so good. This soothing lotion not only smells amazing but it doesn’t feel ‘too thick’ when I basically bathe myself in it! As someone who never used lotion on there entire body prior to pregnancy (only on my legs when they were showing); I am pretty much addicted to this body butter and will continue to use it post baby!
  3. RX Bars: Not only are these just great to eat but throughout the duration of my pregnancy I have kept at least one in my purse if I need a bite of something. Sometimes hunger will just hit and instead of reaching for something like a bag of chips (who doesn’t want that), instead I opt for an RX bar! I have tried all the flavors and they are delicious but this flavor is my favorite!
  4. Essentia Water: My entire life I could care less where my water came from until I met my husband who is somewhat of a water snob (if there is such a thing) and he changed my mind about my water preferences. At home, we now only keep Essentia water because out of all the water brands, it is our favorite. This ionized alkaline water has a 9.5 (or higher) pH level and helps to hydrate, restore and balance. I promise once you switch to Essentia water, you will never want anything else!
  5. Alo Leggings: I bought my first pair of Alo high waisted leggings last September, not knowing that just 6 weeks later I would find out I was pregnant. Having not ever bought a pair of high waisted leggings, I was unsure if I wanted to add this pair to my collection but now that I am 7 1/2 months into pregnancy I can think of nothing better to wear to work out! These leggings are SO comfortable and they allow my bump to breath (if that even makes sense).
  6. A Beautiful Scarf: When I was still not telling everyone about my pregnancy, I was doing little things to conceal my tiny bump when out in public. One thing that I wore and still wear at least twice a week is a scarf that my grandmother, Annie, let me borrow. For some reason it makes me feel so comfortable in my own skin! It’s been so fun having a ‘pregnancy’ scarf and hopefully I will love to borrow the scarf just as much after the baby arrives!
  7. Eberjey Sleep Shirt: This has been my favorite ‘gift’ to myself thus far. These are the softest pajamas I own and every night when I put them on I am so thankful that I finally caved and ordered them! Normally I do not ‘splurge’ (they are $89) on pajamas, I mean who REALLY cares what you sleep in but I knew I wanted to be extra comfortable at night, so I decided to order a pair. Let’s just say, I have now ordered 4 different pairs of the Eberyjey pajamas and I even gave them to my besties who threw my baby shower last weekend! They were just as in love with them as I am! Tip: make sure after you wash to air dry them, otherwise they shrink!!!
  8. Pregnancy Pillow: I ordered this pillow 6 weeks ago and I promise you, I have never slept better. I am really going to have a hard time not sleeping with this pillow post baby! It is the best.
  9. Coffee: As someone who LOVES coffee so much..like OH so much; when my doctor confirmed my pregnancy, she told me that I needed to cut back to just one cup a day. At the time, that was terrible news, but now that I am 7 1/2 months in, my one cup a day really is my favorite time! I enjoy one cup every single morning (post chugging a bottle of water). At night if I am really wanting a cup of coffee, I opt for decaf….thinking I like the taste more than the effects of caffeine, so I guess that is good..right?
  10. Regular Facials: The way I figured out I was pregnant was that my chest kind of broke out. As someone who has never struggled with break-outs (just other skin issues); I knew something was up! Sure enough, after 9 pregnancy tests, 2 rounds of blood work at the doctor…I was pregnant! In order to adjust to the new changes that were happening to my body, I decided to start scheduling regular facials. Since last fall, I have gotten a facial every 3 weeks and it has helped my skin (chest and shoulders) SO much. So thankful to have found someone that could help get my new skin issues under control.

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