Earth Mama Body Butter

One of the first things my friends told me when I told them I was pregnant was that I needed to start using a body butter to help prevent stretch marks with all of the growing/stretching my skin was about to do. As someone who is realistic that stretch marks will probably happen but also wants to do as much as I can to prevent/minimize them, I started using Earth Mama Body Butter. So far, I have loved using it the last 17 weeks. This body butter doesn’t feel gross on my skin and the light, natural scent is actually quite refreshing.

As someone who has never covered her body in lotion (except when my legs are going to show), it took a week or so to get used to my new routine but I actually love the way it makes my skin feel. Funny enough, I know that post pregnancy I will be just as obsessed with covering my body in Earth Mama Body Butter Lotion and probably make this a life-long habit!

p.s. make sure to check out other products by Earth Mama Angel Baby..they are AMAZING and I cannot wait to use some of them on our little guy!

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