Guest Room A Reveal

Amy Havins shares the decor from a guest room in her house.

This post has been a long time coming. Like a LONG time. Funny enough we actually started this guest room before we even moved into our house (yes, that was almost two years ago). After we purchased our house, the first thing I did was buy this canopy bed for one of the guest rooms. For some reason I have ALWAYS loved canopy beds and I wanted to have one in a guest room!...


Guest Room B Reveal

Amy havins shares photos of their guest room b.

I am not even sure why we refer to our guest rooms as ‘a & b’ but we do. ‘Guest Room B’ is actually the room we lived in while we were doing phase one of our home renovations but it for sure did not not look as cute as it currently does. Guest room B is one of my favorite rooms in our house because it is so cozy....


Kitchen: Before & After

Amy Havins shares before and after photos of their kitchen.

I am sooooo excited to FINALLY be sharing images from our kitchen renovation. Our home was built in 1941 and has been remodeled quite a bit since then but the last time the kitchen was redone was 2008 (can you tell by all the beige?). Even though the kitchen was not unlivable, the color scheme didn’t really go with our style and we felt like the wall that separated the kitchen made our galley kitchen much smaller....