How We Organized Vivienne’s Nursery

Vivienne's Nursery

If I had to pick my favorite room in our home, I really couldn’t just pick one. I would pick two…both Ralph and Vivienne’s. Those two spaces are the most whimsical and lovely in our home. Both of their rooms “go together” but they are different and I think just so beautiful (you can see Vivienne’s room here). Of course for both rooms I went with blue & white as I know when they are older and they want to pick they will probably never want to see blue & white again!

While I have already shared Vivienne’s room (click here to see), I have yet to reveal Ralph’s “big boy” room that we completed over the summer…I promise I will soon!

Vivienne’s nursery came together quite naturally and beautifully thanks to Cindy Sontag but when it came to her closet, I was completely stuck. I mean yes I can kind of organize a closet but to transform her closet into a functional yet charming space, I had to request the help of one of my oldest friends, Candice, who just so happens to be launching an organization company in the coming months.

Candice has always been my friend who can not only think outside of the box but do it in the most beautiful and creative way. She has the ability to take a boring closet and turn it into a little girls (and adults) dream by adding personal touches to every little corner.

From the drawers she lined with the wallpaper from baby Ralph’s first nursery , to the Gray Malin Beverly Hills Hotel photographs she selected because they reminded her of a fun trip the two of took when we were 17. Every inch of Vivienne’s closet was more than thought out and I am forever grateful to my oldest friend for making this little space so special.

While I shared Vivienne’s nursery a couple of weeks ago on the blog, I had the privilege of being featured on Gray Malin’s blog alongside Candice sharing Vivienne’s closet that Candice organized as well as the Gray Malin pieces she selected to complete the space from his Beverly Hills Hotel series. If you click here you can read the full post and get the real “run down” from the professional (Candice, not me!).

Vivienne’s closet is tiny yet mighty and I cannot wait until she truly gets to enjoy it.

P.S. Gray Malin is currently offering 30% off ALL photography with the code TURKEY30. Click here to shop and hurry…..because this is his biggest sale of the year and will not last long!

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