How to Safely Keep your Child in their room

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To lock or not to lock? This is a question that I am sure many parents have asked themselves. Some are all for it and others think it is a terrible idea. Regardless of how you feel about having a lock installed on our child’s door please know that I agree with whatever YOU want to do for your own child. For us, I want to say that Wade and I both agree that we do not want our child to roam the halls at night, appear randomly at our bedside or have access to his bathroom when we are not present. We both agreed that by having a simple lock installed on the top of his bedroom and bathroom door not only keeps Ralph safe but it also gives us peace of mind (which is so important as a parent).

Now, if a lock is your thing…which one is best for you? Again, that is such a personal preference and sometimes takes a little trial and error (like everything). We actually found these child locks because of some good friends. They had them installed by the local Dallas company that actually manufactures these exact locks! To us, these locks are the most uncomplicated yet efficient locks on the market. It’s literally one screw drilled into the doorframe and a little metal piece that slides across the top of the door. You can even remove the metal piece that slides across the door and put away if you choose!

This lock system is simple, minimalist, and just kind of goes away. We love it because we know Ralph cannot get out of his room once he is in, it can EASILY be opened by an adult from the inside or outside and it doesn’t scream ‘we child proofed‘ (which we prefer).

I cannot say enough great things about this lock system, it really helped us in the process of how we transitioned Ralph from a crib to a bed (you can read that full bog post here).

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