Is Ralph still using his high chair?

              When Ralph was 5 months old I bought him this highchair. I didn't want to buy a highchair before then because 1. he couldn't use it (too little) and 2. because it would


The Best Way Entertain your Toddler

Having a toddler is…busy. Toddlers want to be entertained and go from activity to activity (at least mine does). Like most of you, I too run out of ‘ideas’. I don’t want him to be bored but sometimes I do have to take care of things (dinner, laundry, picking up his mess).

Last spring I found through Ralph’s school the BEST way to entertain Ralphie also known as the best way Ralph can entertain himself!...


What sunscreen we use for Ralph

Sunscreen for your littles can be tricky. There are so many studies, opinions and let’s be honest….actually applying it on your child is SO hard. Sunscreen has always been something that has been SO important to us because we want to protect his skin as much as possible.

We have been using this sunscreen since Ralph was about 6  months old (the time of his first beach trip)....


Currently Obsessed: Casual Boys Attire



Ralph’s Valentine’s

Today Ralph has his very first ‘school’ Valentine’s Day party. Him and the other 7 students in the class do a craft (ice sugar cookies), have a snack (fruit) and get to have a book read to them by one of the moms (major!).

Regardless if he knows what is going on (no way he does), I still wanted to send him to school with cute little goodies for his friends and something for his teachers!...


What Car Seat is Ralph Currently Using?

A month after Ralph’s first birthday we had to say goodbye to our beloved Doona. Believe me when I say that was a sad, sad day. If you are not familiar with the Doona car seat/stroller you should be! The Doona is really the ONLY