What is a good gift to get your baby shower hosts?

In the middle of May, 5 of my best friends threw me the most beautiful baby shower (you can see the photos here). It was such a special afternoon spent with close friends & family celebrating Ralph's upcoming arrival. Since


Hospital Gifts For Nurses

personalized gift bags // candy // gum // starbucks gift cards

Now that we are just 28 days (or less) away from meeting our sweet baby Ralph, I have found myself trying to get as much done as possible. Everything from filling frames around the house with updated photos, to having the yard redone to ordering everything under the sun to ‘stock up’....


What Diapers Are We Going To Use?

The last couple of weeks have gotten so many questions about what diapers are we planning on using with Ralph. To be totally honest, this is such a question that I really ‘cannot answer yet’ because while I do have two different options


Hawk & Sloane

Last year, one of my oldest friends (22 years and counting), Candice, started with her bestie what I think is one of the most genius product lines for parents to use on their children. As a mom of 2 (almost 3) children, Candice Romo & Hollie Siglin (who is also a mom of 3) came up with the idea of creating a line of sprays to make their mom lives easier. Hawk & Sloane is made of up 6 different sprays that can be used in different areas and situations when parenting. They are compact (easy to carry in your bag)


Moba Moses Baby Basket

I was introduced to the Moba Moses Basket by my friend Margaret who is a baby registry concierge at The Tot. I was intrigued by the Moba Moses Basket because it looked to precious but also was so functional! This classic


The Items We Are Going to Use with Ralph

I cannot believe that we are now 7 weeks away from meeting sweet little Ralph. As slow as this entire process has been this last weekend something hit me and I cannot believe what little time left we have until his arrival.

As we approach Ralph’s due date and I feeling like I am somewhat prepared (if that is even possible); I have been getting more e-mails and messages from you all lately asking what products