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Ralph’s Valentine’s

Today Ralph has his very first ‘school’ Valentine’s Day party. Him and the other 7 students in the class do a craft (ice sugar cookies), have a snack (fruit) and get to have a book read to them by one of the moms (major!).

Regardless if he knows what is going on (no way he does), I still wanted to send him to school with cute little goodies for his friends and something for his teachers!...


What Car Seat is Ralph Currently Using?

A month after Ralph’s first birthday we had to say goodbye to our beloved Doona. Believe me when I say that was a sad, sad day. If you are not familiar with the Doona car seat/stroller you should be! The Doona is really the ONLY


Ralph’s 18 Month Old Schedule

I cannot believe that in just a week our sweet little baby Ralph will be 19 months old. In all honesty, it blows my mind how quickly this has gone. Time please slow down!!!

As per your requests, I have updated baby Ralphs current schedule. For us, a schedule really works and this one in particular has been great for Ralph....


Ralph’s 14 month old schedule

It is hard to believe that this is my 4th schedule update for baby Ralph. I know I said his last schedule update was my favorite because he was awake more but this schedule is by far the best. Not only is he up so much more, we have found that he is so happy & content when we keep him on this schedule....


Pieces you can wear during and post pregnancy

During pregnancy, the thought of wearing maternity clothing sounded awful. Of course I wore maternity jeans towards the end (these were my favorites) but when it came to dresses and tops, I tried so hard to find things I could wear during pregnancy and also after. My logic was if I was going to have to spend money on clothing for the short time I was pregnant, that I at least wanted to be able to wear the pieces after I had the baby!...