The Best Way Entertain your Toddler

Having a toddler is…busy. Toddlers want to be entertained and go from activity to activity (at least mine does). Like most of you, I too run out of ‘ideas’. I don’t want him to be bored but sometimes I do have to take care of things (dinner, laundry, picking up his mess).

Last spring I found through Ralph’s school the BEST way to entertain Ralphie also known as the best way Ralph can entertain himself! Enter: Twig & Olive.

Twig & Olive in a nutshell is a sensory play box filled with items that interest young children (starting at about 2). It really is simple play that inspires creativity in all kids. There are not rules, just the use of their tiny imaginations. The best part is that every month they create a themed imagination box (this month is the farm). I highly recommend these boxes for your littles…they will keep your kiddos entertained long enough for you to whip up dinner (sometimes longer)!

Thank you Stevie McCartney and Lauren Wallace for creating something that all ages can enjoy.

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