Work Out Wardrobe

I am not going to lie, throughout my pregnancy I bought more than I thought I would. It was just nice to have blouses and dresses that were not only ‘new’ to wear but would fit my changing body. One thing that I did not purchase was work out gear.

I know, somewhat surprising. It really is just as surprising to me because for as much I worked out throughout the duration of my pregnancy, the thought of purchasing leggings that I would wear pretty much daily just sounded miserable. For me, it was much more fun to buy a pretty new dress for a fun night out versus another pair of black leggings. I just knew that post baby I would want a work out wardrobe refresh to get myself re-motivated once I am cleared to work out to start trying to get my pre-baby body back!

Since I have been scrolling through lots of web-sites and saving my current favorite work out pieces that I have on sale I only thought it appropriate to share my current favorites with you all! Happy July and happy shopping. xx

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