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Home decor is something that I love (I could spend hours on Pinterest) but honestly, I have always struggled with it. I seem to like so many different things and I always want to change up what we have, particularly our bedroom! We originally had white walls, then I got bored and had them painted a dark green. You know when you change just one little thing it makes you want to change everything! So with new paint colors, I wanted different bedding, which means different pillows, accessories…well you get the idea.

I really do love decorating (even though I am not good at it) but home stores really overwhelm me, so every time I want to mix things up I always go to Nordstrom. They really do have the best and most curated collection of bedding and home decor which makes it very easy for someone like me!

Shop My Favorite Bedding & Decor Pieces

This post was brought to you by Nordstrom. All opinions are my own!

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