Happy Weekend

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Whoah baby. Can you even believe that it is August 1st? Where on earth has the summer gone! I will say I am pretty excited about the beginning of this new month because it is my birthday month! 31 days until the big day, so let the countdown begin!

This week has been short and sweet. We got back Wednesday night after 6 days of pure bliss in Los Angeles. We ate at amazing restaurants (tried new ones and went back to old favorites), caught up with friends, celebrated birthdays, went hiking, soaked up the sun and just relaxed. It was such a fun week and I cannot wait to get away to LA again! Since we have been gone quite a bit lately, we plan on spending the weekend relaxing with the puppies and maybe even catching a movie. I hope you all had the best weekend and make sure to take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because prices go up August 4th!

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