dallas wardrobeHappy hump day! Well let me start by just apologizing for not having a post up on Monday. I really was planning on having it finished then the husband and I decided to change our flight home from New York to stay one extra dayyyyy. Don’t you love when that happens? We do.

In other news. HOLY SNAPCHAT. It’s official, after being a private ‘snapper’ for almost 2 years (crazy right), my snapchat account, DallasWardrobe, is finally public. Yes, open to everyones eyes. I am now officially an open book. As a snapchat addict, I like snapping pretty much everything throughout my day. Walking the puppies, anything work related, hanging at home, dinners and of course being very silly.

Let’s just say my snapchat is far from serious, so trust me when I say I think you will enjoy. Make sure to follow along….user: DallasWardrobe.

green dress

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