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Fall Favorites for the Boys

Amy Havins shares her favorite fall pieces for the boys.

Since the majority of topics on this blog are related to women in some way, shape or form; every so often I like to mix it up and show a little love to the guys. Or what I really should say is share with all of you ladies some things that my husband is currently liking.

Since technically it is fall, I thought it would be fun to share some of Wade’s fall favorites from



October has the weirdest weather in Dallas. One day is cool and the next is hot…like so warm you can sit by the pool. While I do often complain about what to wear with these up and down temperatures one thing that I don’t often address is what should the guys wear?

I mean yes, us girls can get away with wearing things like shirt dresses but when it comes to the guys, shorts and tee shirts are not often appropriate....


Men’s Golf

My husband has many hobbies but if you are close to him or even follow him on Instagram you know that golf is by far his favorite. Besides basketball, golf is a sport that he has enjoyed as long as I have known him. I always joke that he would put a cot in the clubhouse if he could because he loves the game that much....