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men's golf attiremen's golf attiremen's golf attiremen's golf attiremen's golf attiremen's golf attiremen's golf attiredallas wardrobemen's golf attiremen's golf attiremen's golf attiremen's golf attireMy husband has many hobbies but if you are close to him or even follow him on Instagram you know that golf is by far his favorite. Besides basketball, golf is a sport that he has enjoyed as long as I have known him. I always joke that he would put a cot in the clubhouse if he could because he loves the game that much.

Once in a blue moon I will make an appearance on the driving range. I will hit a few balls, laugh at myself while he is oh so patient and tries to help me improve. No such luck, at least not in this lifetime. I just get so bored, SO quickly. His mother always asks me why I don’t learn how to play and besides the fact that I have zero desire to spend hours sweating and shanking a ball all over a course it’s ‘his time’. He loves his golf friends, being competitive and the fresh air. The one thing I will say I do love about golf is not only the relaxation that it provides when it is on T.V. but the places you can go around the world to play the game and most importantly (to me at least) the apparel.

Most of us have favorite brands and ‘go to’ places when buying for something specific. When it comes to golf apparel, for my husband, it’s Nordstrom. Online and in stores, Nordstrom always has such a nice variety and carries his favorite golf brands. While I am still learning the rules of the game so I can chime in or understand his golf stories, I will say I am getting pretty good at picking out the outfits…or at least giving my opinion when he asks.

on wade: cutter & buck polo//nike flat front pants//foot joy golf shoes//nike belt//bent tree hat

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