Fall Favorites for the Boys

Amy Havins shares her fall favorites for guys from Nordstrom.Amy Havins shares her fall favorites for guys from Nordstrom. one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

Since the majority of topics on this blog are related to women in some way, shape or form; every so often I like to mix it up and show a little love to the guys. Or what I really should say is share with all of you ladies some things that my husband is currently liking.

Since technically it is fall, I thought it would be fun to share some of Wade’s fall favorites from Nordstrom. Wade would probably be so mad if he knew that I was relating this post to him but it only makes sense…right?

If I were to describe Wade’s style (note: these are my words not his), I would say that he is laid back and polished. I mean yes he will wear jeans and a casual tee but it’s the way he wears it that I just adore.

When it comes to adding pieces to his wardrobe, specially fall, he really likes to build on what he has. Yes, Wade has lots of staples but it’s little things like a pair of boots or a classic peacoat (like this one from Nordstrom) that he will be adding this season. Wade doesn’t like to spend time shopping, so thankfully Nordstrom is the perfect one stop shop for all of his needs wants!

Shop My Fall Favorites For Guys

This post was brought to you by Nordstrom. All opinions are my own!

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