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The last couple of weeks I have found myself constantly scrolling through my favorite websites and looking at all the pretty clothes. As long as pregnancy seemed during the time, now that I am done it feels like it took 2 seconds.

As much as I disliked being pregnant, shopping while I was pregnant was actually really fun....


Blue Striped Shirtdress

Amy Havins wears a blue and white striped shirtdress.

I cannot believe that this is my last outfit that I am posting while I was pregnant. It’s so insane looking back at all of these outfits over the last 9 months where you can see my bump get bigger and bigger.While it did take me a really long time to ‘pop’ once my bump really REALLY showed up (about week 36) my bump was large and in charge!


Green Shift Dress

Amy Havins wears a green shift dress.

It is so crazy posting these photos today, especially because I am not longer pregnant. I purchased this dress after I wore the white version so much that I needed to add another color into the mix. I actually wore it up until the very end (these photos I was a bit over 9 months pregnant). I knew when I purchased this dress