The last couple of weeks I have found myself constantly scrolling through my favorite websites and looking at all the pretty clothes. As long as pregnancy seemed during the time, now that I am done it feels like it took 2 seconds.

As much as I disliked being pregnant, shopping while I was pregnant was actually really fun. I loved the challenge of finding pieces that I could wear with or without a bump. I will admit I did get quite sick of my constant repeat outfits (I literally wore this blouse 15 times the last 3 months) toward the end but I figured that’s what would happen.

Now that I am post baby, I am starting to browse more. I have bought a few things (including this pinstriped blouse) and have loved adding a few other pretty pieces to my closet now that I am no longer pregnant.

Above are 20 things that I currently have my eyes on…which item is your favorite?

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