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Happy Halloween


Cannot believe that this is my little baby Ralph’s second halloween! How on earth has it already been a year since I forced my little 3 1/2 month old into two wardrobe changes for the occasion? Surprisingly enough he was just as good of a sport about me putting him in his costume has he was last year!...


Baby Ralph’s First Halloween

Amy shares photos of ralph's first halloween

Yesterday was Baby Ralph’s first halloween and it could not have been more fun. I had been thinking about what Ralph was going to ‘be’ this year for a while but when I came across a picture of me from my first halloween and I was a pumpkin, I knew exactly what Ralph was going to be…a pumpkin....


Happy Weekend

Amy Havins wears shoshanna and shares the best sales on the internet!

Happy weekend! Hooray for yet another weekend. I have to say, this week FLEW by. It always seems that every quick week was always a fun one. One of our sweetest friends was in town all week (you would love her clothing line), last night I attended the Tory Burch fall fashion show at Nordstrom and we had a fun dinner with friends.

This week I am so thankful that I got SO much work done. As we gear up to begin phase II of our home remodel